Friday, July 27, 2018

Pantry Living Weeks 3 & 4

My life was a whirlwind and the dust has finally settled. In the last three months I choreographed three plays, performed in a play, had a dance recital, worked as choreographer for a performing arts summer camp, choreographed and performed in the Ms Senior NJ Pageant for women over 60yrs old,  my in-laws visited, my sister and her family visited, my brother and his family visited.
I played Morticia in "Addams Family the Musical".
my costume for Ms Senior NJ pageant
Seussical Jr. choreographer, assistant director, and costumer
My incredible "Family"
My cute kiddos ready to perform
Stage Managing for Fiddler on the Roof Jr
Recital time

 In the past two days I scrubbed my kitchen floor, changed the sheets on beds, folded laundry, moved furniture, purged my wardrobe of those clothes I never wear but held on to for ages, weeded the garden, actually cooked dinner, went to the beach, swam with my kids in the pool, and watched a chick flick.

These last two weeks I've received so much food and household items as gifts. The Lord has truly blessed us with amazing friends and family who make sure we will never go hungry. My friend made me a "panrty living survival bucket"! She knew we were out of fruit roll ups and wax paper and included a million other awesome treats and cereals for my family. I love and adore her!

My parents seem to drop off food to me at least once a week.I don't think they can go a day without being amazing! This week they added 3 boxes of Life cereal to our pantry.

My dear in-laws came to town and took me to Sam's Club to replenish items I'm low on. They bought me chocolate chips, bisquik, toilet paper, paper towels, milk, grapes, peanut butter, Snapple, water bottles, lemonade and nutella.

Returning the pull ups!
BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK: Levi (my almost 4yr old) is officially night potty trained!!!! So he was potty trained at 2yrs old with little effort. It all just clicked for him during the day. My children have all figured out how to hold it at night all on their own. I don't do anything special at night. Once they keep their diaper dry for a week straight they get to wear underwear to bed. Well. about 3 months after he was potty trained he was night trained. 6 months later it all went downhill. we have no idea why. He just started wetting the bed regularly. I had to re-diaper him and I just kept hoping for a miracle. Well, about a month ago he said he wanted to wear underwear to sleep. of course he wet the bed and was very disappointed. We removed his sippy cups from his room and he was angry with us. well, last week we noticed he was keeping his diaper dry at night. He asked for underwear so we gave it a shot. And boom!!! It has been over a week with no incidents! So that package of pull ups I cheated and bought a few weeks ago were returned to the store. sigh. life is good.

My garden had as many weeds in it as plants. I finally got my hands dirty and got to work. I actually found 2 huge cucumbers hiding in the weeds. lol. This week I harvested 3 cucumbers, a large green pepper, a handful of cherry tomatoes and a handful of green beans, and 1 large zucchini and a small zucchini.  My tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are monsters! My green beans and zucchini plants are dwarfs and I'm disappointed. I was pretty sure that garden bed of the smaller ones was depleted last year so I added a bunch of new rich soil and fertilizer, but it hasn't helped much. I think next year I will not plant anything in that soil and give it a real rest. But the rain this past week has been good for the garden!

Pantry after Week 4
Cereal after week 2: 49
Cereal after week 4: 47 (5 gifts)
Cans, jars, bottles, boxes opened: alfredo sauce, pasta, dog food, ranch dressing, pickles, mayo, peanut butter, nutella, sugar, flour, tuna, onion powder, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, margarine, chips, pretzels, veggie straws, toilet paper, paper towels, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, juice boxes, water bottles, juice, fruit roll ups, cookies, animal crackers, ziplock bags,
Allowable credit card purchases: gas, ice cream
Cash purchases: blueberries, blackberries, bananas, roses, potatoes, mushrooms, cilantro, lettuce, carrots, goggles, bobby pins, cumin, onion powder, chili powder, bread, cook book, nail polish remover, brush, water bottles, brown sugar, burger king, raspberry danish, cookies, challah(totally amazing fundraiser and the best challah!!), ice cream, french fries, mcdonald's,
Gift card purchases: lots of Wawa hoagies
Gifts: cereal, pantry living survival bucket (see above), Sam's trip with in-laws (see above), milk and pancakes, ice cream,
Trash: I had to throw away a freshly opened box of cereal this week because ants found it. funny how no one wants to eat cookie crisp with the added protein of ants.
Garden: 3 cucumbers, 1 pepper, tomatoes, green beans, 2 zucchini
Cheats: NONE ( I know I'm shocked too)

In other good news I won tickets to see School of Rock on Broadway! That was awesome! I was voted best dancer in a dancing contest at Broadway on the Boardwalk. They taught a simple combo and 9 of us performed it. I was chosen as the lucky winner. I had a slight advantage being many years younger than most competitors and probably the only one with formal training. But the audience was amazing and roared with approval when it was time to vote for me. I couldn't stop smiling for hours!

In the past 2 weeks I lost a small diamond in my anniversary band and my father was in the hospital. We have insurance on my ring so the diamond is being replaced and my father is finally home and he also has insurance so he's getting the care he needs. Many thanks to all who have been praying for him and lending a hand.
Kissing Pop after he made it home from the hospital!

My summer vacation is finally here. I have few obligations and am trying to say "yes" more to my kids and "no" more to everyone else who wants my time. My kids and I have yet to make a new "Tuesday Adventure" but I hope to pick that up in the next week. Last year we started a youtube channel and posted new episodes every Tuesday. I would read stories,we would sing songs, act, tell jokes, dance, and feature our dog, Molly. They were so fun and I am anxious to start them again.

Happy Summer and Happy Pantry Living!

Photo taken moments after they announced  they will take us to Disneyland soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pantry Living Week 2 (sort of)

Since I didn't really keep track of anything for the first few weeks I'm not really counting them. Pantry Living started on June 22, but I'm keeping track of the inventory from July 6.

For the past 2 weeks my awesome brother and his adorable family were in town. They have 7 beautiful children! My amazing parents hosted them but we sure were together a lot! We ate over there, we ate over here. We played on the beach, in the pool, in the basement, in the yard, had a bonfire, a sleepover, went to the boardwalk, watched fireworks, ate and ate and ate some more! They were sweet and tried hard not to use up my pantry but I plan on feeding others so I am happy to host. I even donate to food drives if they occur during pantry living. "Because I have been given much I too must give."  I cooked Sunday dinner and made Thanksgiving in July. We had a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, green bean casserole, salad, and pie. Why is this a November tradition only? Uhmmm, this needs to be a regular occurrence because it was dang good! We hosted the BBQ on July 4th, hot dogs and hamburgers and everything you can imagine to go with it. My parents supplied all the meat for both big meals because they are fantastic humans who love me. My parents drop off a little extra after every trip to the grocery store. While typing this my father walked in and set a jar of peanut butter on my counter and walked out again, just cause he's nice.

Also I am still in the midst of my summer of theater. That all ends in one more week. My dear hubby has been awesome with cooking random things from the freezer. Between beach trips and rehearsal I keep forgetting to prep dinner. He doesn't even complain. He is dreamy.

 Here we go:

Unopened boxes of cereal at week 1: 59
Unopened boxes of cereal after week 2: 51(actually 49 but I bought 2 boxes of Honeycombs with cash) Somehow we ate 10 boxes of cereal this week!
Jars/cans/bottles/packages opened: green beans, cream of mushroom soup, chicken broth, peanut butter, jam, nutella, goldfish (family pack and they already finished it), toilet paper, toilet bowl cleaner, dog food, juice boxes, rice krispy packs, oreos, chips, cake mix, brownies, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, microwave popcorn, 3 different sizes of ziplock bags, soap, shampoo, alfredo sauce,
Items we ran out of: wax paper, fruit roll ups,
Cash purchases: bread, pencils, notebooks, paper, lemonade packets for individual water bottles, tums, blush, card, rash shirt for hubby(gift card), pizza family deal at Sam's (soda, pizza, bread sticks and cookies), ice cream, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, 4 jars of spaghetti sauce,
Yard sale finds(cash purchases): loads of books for my kids, shorts and pjs for my son, a baseball bat,
Gifts of food: peanut butter, box of cereal, milk, pancakes
Allowable credit card purchases: gas, milk, watermelon, bread strawberries, (I made 3 containers of strawberry freezer jam.)
Cheats: I ordered myself a swimsuit online and had no other way to pay for it, but it was on clearance.( I spent $30.), a pack of night diapers for my 3yr old who still struggles to stay dry at night. I didn't run out, but they were on clearance so I took the plunge($12). I didn't have enough cash on me or I would have paid cash.
Garden: 4 cucumbers, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 green pepper ( I have one zucchini but I haven't picked it yet)

BONUS: received the official word my student loans are PAID IN FULL! I only graduated 12.5 yrs ago. Feels so good!

Bad news: The AC went out in my van and we haven't decided whether or not to repair it. My van has a 145,000 miles on it, a broken windshield, no AC, an array of christmas lights on the dash board(don't worry the mechanic said I wont die by ignoring them), and the suspension in the trunk door is shot. Basically, I worry about putting any money into it. we shall see.

Summer is hot and we are having fun! 
Happy Pantry Living!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Pantry Living 6th time around!

Here we go again! I am Melanie. I am a dancer and choreographer. I am also a mom and wife. My roles in our home include: cook, chauffeur, personal shopper, errand runner, comforter, laundry lady and cleaning woman.  My amazing hubby shapes minds and behavior as a Special Education Self-Contained Behavior Teacher for 10 months of the year. He just completed his 7th year at this school, and this is our 6th Summer in our beautiful home.  We are happy and healthy and blessed with enough. We have four growing children and a dog. Summers are difficult because despite teaching a summer program the teacher’s salary is only a 10 month contract. His district does not offer a 12 month option. I started Pantry Living to help us through July and August. It can be tricky, but I think it is a fun challenge.
 So here are my self imposed rules
  • Live off my pantry stores and my freezer
  • No grocery shopping
  • Allowable purchases with a credit card: Dairy, eggs, bread, produce, and gas
  • Any other purchases must be made with cash (I have a small stash I squirreled away.)
  • Start Date: David’s 1st day of summer vacation
  • End Date: David’s 1st day of school in September (usually 10-12 weeks)
Technically, this started 2 weeks ago. But my life has been a bit intense the last month so I'm late to the game. I've been generally following all my rules, but i have cheated a few times and my dear hubby has taken over as cook in my absence. So our stats start today. 

Pantry on June 26
We begin our journey with
  • 59 boxes of unopened cereal
  • 36 boxes of pasta
  • 9 jars of spaghetti sauce
  • 3 giant tubs of peanut butter
  • 40 rolls of toilet paper (this won’t be enough)

I don’t stock up a ton in June. That would defeat the purpose. I try to space out my shopping all year, shop sales, and keep a good food supply as a just in case. When cereal is on a good sale I buy 6 boxes instead of 2. I buy meat in bulk on sale and then bag it and freeze it in our family serving size.This year I've been consumed with dance so this is a true experiment on how prepared I am.  I usually inventory our pantry, and our freezer, and our bathroom closet. This year I just bought what I thought we needed and I never got around to my filling out my inventory. I have a master list of food but this year we are living off the cuff. My goal is to finish the summer without breaking my rules, without running out of cash, and to have fun!We have a good head start on the fun part, I don't expect to run out of cash, but I have got to buckle down and avoid breaking my rules.

our raspberry bush which was an experiment last year
Our garden June 2
2 peppers, 4 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers

A handful of green beans planted and 2 zucchini

 My garden is growing! This year I’m growing cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and green beans.
ignore the weeds.
Our garden July 6
our first cucumber!

our cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes

My family is amazing! My parents live nearby and have already dropped off boxes of cereal, pasta and rice. They supplied all the food for our July 4th picnic. They understand why I do this and hope to make our lives easier at every turn.My sister even brought over 6 boxes of cereal when she was visiting. Such an awesome family!

My hubby is fantastic! He supports my cooky ideas and especially loves it when I can go many weeks without swiping my credit card. 
My children are goofballs, but totally understand my rules. They treat our pantry like a grocery store and love to "shop" for the next cereal we get to open or what we get to eat for dinner. 
My friends are awesome! I love all the feedback and encouragement you give me. Thanks for your continued support!!!

Let's get this party started!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pantry Living Weeks 11 & 12

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Friday I went to Sam's an spent $100 and felt no remorse. Sigh. These last two weeks were rough. I did have to cheat a bit more than usual because we were legit out of quite a few things. Our bathrooms were literally on their last roll of toilet paper each!! Also my meals were a bit more unusual but extra tasty. My family totally loved them and we may add them to our routine.Here is the skinny:
Pantry after week 12

Unopened boxes of cereal after week 10: 19
Unopened boxes of cereal after week 12: 12
Jars/cans/bottles opened: italian dressing, mac and cheese, coconut, peanut butter, margarine, pasta, spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, green beans, corn, olives, green chilies, teriyaki sauce, flour, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate graham crackers, cake mixes, brownie mix, frosting, syrup, ziplock bags, trash bags, marshmallows, chocolate bars, crystal light raspberry lemonade mix, oreos, crackers, cookies
Items we ran out of: oatmeal, jam, canned peaches, margarine, rice a roni, pot stickers, frozen broccoli, frozen green beans, fruit snacks, granola bars, eggs, breakfast sausage, goldfish, nesquik, water bottles
Allowable credit cards purchases: toilet seat, carrots, bread, bananas, yogurt, string cheese, hot dog buns,
Cash purchases: Candy, pens, burger king breakfast, goldfish, powerade, lunch meat, cinnamon buns, bread, fall decor, carpet deodorizer, cloth for halloween costume, basket,
Cheats: small jar of nutella,  disposable aluminum pans, photo prints,hot dogs, frozen pizza, nutter butters(don't judge), Levi's bday meals which were breakfast sausage, oj, a bag of chicken nuggets,fruit snacks, stuffed unicorn head key chains for Katy's bday party which will be in Nov. I just couldn't resist the sale and didn't have enough cash.
Gifts: jam, paper towels, cereal (2boxes from mom and dad), juice,
Free: So ShopRite has a policy if they overcharge you their customer service will refund the full amount to you for the first item and then just return the overcharged difference for the 2nd item. Well they overcharged me $2 for a small bag of pecans and so I was refunded the full amount. That will make this pecan pie that much sweeter!
Will be reimbursed for by church: terra cotta clay for making old fashioned oil lamps
Garden: 5 tomatoes! I'm shocked. Our temperatures totally dropped and made life comfortable but not warm enough for the veggies. We had one or two days get above 80 and that was enough for my last tomatoes to ripen. I'll take that!

Update: Cereal count ended at 62 boxes in 12 weeks!
So Friday was payday for my darling hubby. YA HOO!!! Now I can't go crazy. I have to build up my pantry little by little. We started at Sam's and had a celebratory lunch of pizza and soda. We know how to party. We bought milk, eggs, toilet paper, paper towels, nesquik, nacho cheese sauce, cocoa puffs, pam spray,  lysol wipes, chocolate chips, and Kool-Aid bag drinks that we'll give out to the trick or treaters. Yes, I like to buy ahead. I won't be tempted to break into them after 10pm. And they are cute and called "Ghoul Aid Scary Berry". Not sure why I think that is so funny. But they were on sale and so that is that. Also I'm already planning to be a mummy for Halloween and started buying materials for that. Tomorrow I plan to hit up ShopRite for an epic shopping trip. Levi is excited for that. I'm not even joking. He begs to go there because they give him free cheese. What more could a little boy want?

In a week or two I write my Lessons Learned post and get all sappy about Pantry Living. Thank you for following my progress this year.
Happy Fall and Happy Shopping!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Pantry Living Weeks 9 & 10

Oh Summer, oh Summer, where art thou?
The weather has been in the low 70s these past two weeks. I haven't been to the beach since my last update and as much as I'm loving the reprieve from the heat I still want my summer!!!
The weather might have cooled off but my family's appetite seems to have grown. Our upright freezer full of frozen veggies, breakfast meat and all other meat is looking pretty sparse. We also have a chest freezer which I've somewhat ignored so far. I keep the prepared foods in it, ie chicken nuggets, french fries, perogies, popsicles, fish sticks, fish fillets, shrimp, tater tots etc. I used many of those items these last two weeks.

Unopened boxes of cereal after week 8: 23
Unopened boxes of cereal after week 10: 19 (* note my parents gave me another 5 boxes this week)
We have consumed 53 boxes of cereal in 10 weeks!
Jars/boxes opened: peanut butter, alfredo sauce, pasta, corn, green beans, taco sauce, cream of chicken soup, crackers, oreos, fruit snacks, pirate booty, pastry crisps, pot stickers, mac and cheese, rice a roni, tortillas, sour cream, ziplock bags, sugar, toilet cleaner spray
Items ran out of: nutella, chicken breasts, fish sticks, shrimp, fish fillets, brown and serve sausage, Dr. Pepper, goldfish
Cash purchase: bread, dehydrated apples and peaches, bins, dog food, Comet cleaner, donuts, juice
Yard sale finds: free bike for my Max, Phillies t-shirt for Lilia, Sweater for Levi, bag of clothes for Max for $5 including pants, shorts, shirts and a Columbia lightweight jacket 😁
Allowable credit card purchases: gas, oil change, tire repair, parking in Philly,
Church items that I will be reimbursed for: bulletin boards, ribbons, push pins
Cheats: Date lunch with the hubby to Allan's Clam Bar, lunch with the kids to Taco Bell, diapers(grr Levi still needs them at night), contact solution(ran out, drat!), box of oreos (screamin' deal)
Gifts: 5 boxes of cereal and a bottle fruit punch, 4 boxes of macaroni, eggs, ice cream, hamburgers, croutons, crackers
Garden: 3 tiny cucumbers and a bunch of tomatoes. I'm afraid this is the end. THe weather has been so cool the cucumber plant has retired itself and the tomatoes aren't turning red anymore. My poor green bean plants never produced more than a single handful all summer. The raised bed will need a big revamp with fresh soil and fertilizer before next year's planting.

Well, normally this would be the last of it. My hubby finished the school year 10 weeks ago and starts on Tuesday with the new year. He has asked if I could extend my pantry living as long as possible. He would love it if I could last 2 more weeks until his first pay check.......I shall try. My fear is lunch. This year I will pack 4 lunches 3 days a week, and 3 lunches the other two days a week. (Katy only goes to preschool 3 days.) That means all the snack food (granola bars, fruit snacks, pastry crisps, crackers, chips) , sandwiches or leftovers, fruit(fresh, dried, canned, pouch, applesauce...), desserts(cookies, animal crackers, candy) will rapidly diminish. When we sit around the house my kids get very little of those things. When I send them to school they tend to eat more of those. I can make this work, but it will be work.

Happy Summer! Happy first week of School for us!
Happy Pantry Living!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pantry Living weeks 7&8

Happy Summer everyone! These last two weeks were pretty relaxed here in Jersey. The hubby finished his summer program and we have gone to the beach, the pool, the movies, Sam’s, played legos, board games, ate too much food and are enjoying our time together with little stress. Our garden boomed with a huge bushel of tomatoes and several cucumbers. We shared those with our friends. We had another friend in need of some food so we shared 3 grocery bags from our pantry stores with them. The Lord has never let me starve so I can’t sit back and make excuses. “Because I have been given much I too must give.”

Pantry after week 8
Here are the stats:
Unopened boxes of cereal after week 6: 30
Unopened boxes of cereal after week 8: 23
Jars, cans opened: syrup, fruit snacks, cookies, peanut butter, jam, flour, spaghetti sauce, corn, salsa, pasta, box drinks, granola bars, nutella, croutons, goldfish, oil, chips, ziplock bags
Things we ran out of: chicken nuggets/strips, fish sticks,
Allowable purchases: fruit and veggies, bread, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, garlic bread,
Cash purchases: movies, popcorn, doughnuts, pizza, breadsticks, cookies, soda, reusable water bottles for the older 3 kids for school, new shirts for older two, athletic pants for me,ice cream, water ice, soda and beef jerky, plastic spoons, water
Gifts/gift card use: beans, avocado oil, pasta, cereal, cake mix, frosting. I used a gift card to buy myself an awesome North Face jacket, my mom paid for part of it as an early bday gift. Also my mom bought me a new watch. Ain’t she the best?!  I used a gift card to buy new shoes for myself and Lily at a crazy amazing deal. Short story: I saved over $90 with sales and a coupon and Lily’s shoes ended up being free and made my shoes cheaper. Totally screamin’ deal!
Cheats: I bought a few Christmas and bday gifts for amazing deals on Amazon. I had to use my credit card for that. So to make up for it I spent approximately the same amount on fruit and veggies and used cash for those when I could have used my card. Point is I think they cancel each other out so I claim I didn’t cheat :)
Garden: Check it out! This was a single day of harvest. Clearly I was having too much fun that week to pick each day. I usually get 2 tomatoes a day.

How is your summer going? Let me know if you’ve tried your own pantry living!!
Happy Summer!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Shopping Savvy Tips

So I was recently asked how I do what I do. How can I buy so much for so many mouths and spend so little? I do use coupons but more often than not I take advantage of the sales. I try to spend close to $400 a month on groceries 10 months of the year. And for 12 weeks in the summer my goal is to spend $0. I allow myself to buy eggs, dairy, bread and produce with a credit card but I try hard to keep it to that. I decided to make a basic list to be shopping savvy.  These are the general rules I live by.

  • I am a loyal ShopRite mama. I live .2 miles from my childhood grocery store and I love it. I love it because I know where items are. I know many of the employees. I know the store policies on rain checks and price plus member deals, and mis-charged items. I am familiar with their prices and how to find the extra sales. My point is you probably have a store that you like to grocery shop at. Get familiar with that store. And be sure to get a loyalty card with them. That is where the real savings are at!
  • There is another method you may prefer. My dad on the other hand is not loyal to one store but will shop at 3 different stores each week depending upon the sales!!! (The shopping gene is strong in our family.) He checks out Acme, ShopRite, and Save A-Lot. He is retired and has the time to hit up these different stores and does really well shopping the sales. He specializes in meat and soda sales.
  • Grab your marker and your flyer and get to work! Each Friday we receive a free local paper and inside is my ShopRite ad. This ad lists the deals going on for the following week. I prefer my marker rather than making a separate list. I make large circles around all the items I want to purchase. I write my needed items that are not featured in the ad on the top of the front page. When I go shopping the next week I bring along my ad and am able to reference it when walking through the store. This is especially helpful when the deal involves “Buy 2 to receive discount” or only on specific varieties. It can also be taken to the customer service desk if an item is mismarked or scans incorrectly at checkout. They will always have one handy at the the desk but that way you have an easy reference.
  • Take advantage of coupons on top of sales. My favorite savings are when I have a coupon for $2 off an item and that week that item is specially marked down to $1.50. I end up making money on that order. They won’t give me money but the coupon will take the full $2 off of my order. I am not one to hunt down coupons but I do keep them in a small accordion file and organize them by placement in the store.  Be aware of when coupons expire and use your oldest coupons first. Coupons can be found online(check to see if your store accepts printed coupons, not all stores do), in the mail, in the local newspaper, inside the cereal box, attached to the front of a new item.
  • ShopRIte has online “digital coupons”. Be sure to get their app and “add” those coupons to your shopping cart in the app. The app is connected to your price plus loyalty card and will appear as a coupon when you check out. Their store flyer will make you aware of many of those added discounts. I prefer to add the coupons to my “cart” as I’m waiting in line to pay but you can do it ahead of time or while you are shopping through the store.
  • Shopping the sales is really the best way to go. The goal is that you never actually run out of items and are therefore never forced to pay full price for an item. When toilet bowl cleaner goes on sale for $1.99 buy 3 or 4. You know your family will continue to use the toilet and it will continue to require cleaning. There are usually coupons easily enough to find for Lysol products so that is a great time to double up on savings.
  • Know when bulk is a good buy. We are Sam’s club members. They have great Member’s Mark brand toilet paper. It occasionally goes on sale for $18 for 45 large rolls. That is a good deal. Unfortunately, Sam’s club is not a great place to buy cereal. You get a lot of cereal but the price per ounce isn’t great. It is better to buy smaller boxes when on sale and you have a coupon from the grocery store. Pay attention to the price per ounce section of the price tag. It will be a great help when you go to another store and you compare.
  • Peanut butter is always a better deal when you buy the big jars on sale. They frequently put the smaller jars on sale for $2. That seems like a good deal but not really when I can get the 2 pack of the huge ones on sale for $7. When they go on sale I buy several of the 2 packs.
  • Be aware of how quickly you consume certain foods and their expiration. Many expiration dates are guidelines and can be somewhat disregarded but some cannot. I do not ignore expiration dates on peanut butter. That will go rancid. I will ignore expiration dates on most cereals. Cake mixes are fine for another year after their date. And lots of canned goods are good for a year or two as it is. But don’t stock up on cans of tomatoes if you never actually cook with them. Be smart about your purchases. You are not saving yourself money if you are throwing food away.
  • Expensive food does not always mean healthier. Organic is great when you are concerned about chemicals but a fruit snack is still a fruit snack. Your child isn’t actually getting any nutritional value in them. (I am not judging….we always have fruit snacks on hand. I’m just making a point.) Be aware of the nutritional needs of your kids.
  • Name brand vs store brand. My kids don’t care if their marshmallow cereal has a leprechaun on it or a teddy bear wearing a sailor hat. We don’t mind the store brand cereals, but I don’t like the store brand cookies. My point is it doesn’t hurt to try the cheaper store brand knock off on your favorite foods. Sometimes we like them better than the originals. But if your family can really taste the difference it isn’t worth the “savings”. Again, if your family won’t eat it you are not saving money. But don’t be afraid to give the off brand a chance. Examples of store brand food we like: cereals, condensed soups, canned and frozen veggies, baking items, bread,chips and pretzels, jam. Examples of store brand food we don’t like: peanut butter, cookies, yogurt, cake mix, spaghetti sauce.
  • There are several saving apps that I am not great about but a friend of mine is. SavingStar is her favorite. You get rebates on things you already purchased. I need to be better at that one. Check it out and let me know what you think. There are lots of others but I can’t say much about them since I don’t utilize them yet.
  • Be sure to check out the quick sale items especially meat and bakery items. My store puts their meat that must be sold that day with a bright yellow sticker on it, usually marked down 50%. That is the only way I buy beef. I just can’t afford $4 or more a pound for a roast. But I can afford steaks when they cost me $2. I love these deals. Just be aware this meats needs to either be cooked that day or next or frozen. I prefer to place my meat in serving size freezer store brand ziplock bags and freeze them. The bakery puts their items from the day before on sale and my kids can usually talk me into a box of doughnuts or muffins for a treat.
  • I am a weirdo and get a huge thrill watching my total drop after checkout. When I get to the register they are always sure to ask for my price plus loyalty card. I tell them I will give it to them at the end of the transaction. So it rings up my entire order at full price. Then they scan my coupons and then I hand over my card. Instantly the number drops and my heart races. I love seeing all my savings so crystal clear. Many times the checkers are even surprised by the plunge. I have to be careful not to forget to give them my card and miss my extra deals but I’m usually too excited to forget.
  • At the bottom of my ShopRite receipt it tells me my Total Saving for that trip, along with my year to date savings. I love knowing that family has those extra THOUSANDS in the bank instead of in the pantry.

So have no fear and don’t be overwhelmed.
It really is easier than it looks.
Happy Savings!